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Making a Will

It has never been more important than it is today to make sure that you have set down in writing how you wish your personal belongings and assets to be distributed upon your death. Making a Will means that you are the one to decide who you wish to benefit from your Estate and what they should receive; whether they are family members, close friends or organisations, such as charities. In the absence of a Will, it is the authorities who make these very important decisions in accordance with the Government's Intestacy Rules; which may not be what you had wished or would have wanted. This may result in your Estate being shared with estranged family members, while other closer relatives are excluded; or the loss of a bequest to a charity or other organisation, which would otherwise have benefited by your gesture.

For more information on the importance of making a Will. please click here.

The Will service we offer includes a meeting at our offices with Sue Senkbeil, a solicitor in the firm of Lane & Co and a specialist with more than 18 years’ experience in advising clients on Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probate matters. Sue Senkbeil is eminently qualified to give you the confidential guidance and sound advice which will give you peace of mind.

Sue Senkbeil will take time to discuss with you in detail the elements of your Estate which need to be included in your Will; advising you appropriately how to achieve your wishes and ensuring that these are reflected accurately in the Will which will be drawn up by him on your behalf. For larger Estates, Inheritance Tax planning and Trust formation will form part of the advice offered, in accordance with the latest legislation.

Also included in our service is optional secure lifetime storage of your original Will in a fire-proof safe at no extra charge; and provision of copies to keep with your personal papers at home.

For advice on the cost of making a Will or for an appointment, please contact us.