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Probate involves dealing with someone's Estate after their death. This can include: registration of the death with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; assisting with funeral arrangements; making application to the Probate Registry for probate; dealing with the Inland Revenue and Department of Works and Pensions; and all other financial aspects involved in the administration and distribution of the Estate as laid out in the Will of the deceased. Essentially, Probate is the process of proving the Will to be valid; dealing with any payable taxes or liabilities; gathering in any assets; and distributing the Estate in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

For those who are named Executors in a Will, we can offer a full Probate service, dealing with all aspects of Probate including tax liabilities and production of a full Estate Account to be distributed to Beneficiaries once the Estate is settled and Final Distribution takes place. The Executors instruct us to act on their behalf in the day to day administration of the Estate, while all official and legal documentation is still executed by the Executors once it is prepared by us.

Alternatively, we can offer support in obtaining Probate through the Probate Registry, after which the Executor(s) can manage the estate themselves.

Trusts & Estate Planning

Trust and Estate planning are complex legal and financial aspects of Estate management which require skilled and professional advice and guidance. Such advice is worthwhile to safeguard assets solidly within the framework of the law; and to effectively minimise Inheritance and Capital Gains tax liability on the Estate or upon Beneficiaries of the Estate.

Preserving the assets of your Estate through good financial planning and qualified advice means that you can arrange the disposition of your assets to benefit your heirs and reduce the likely tax encumbrance on the next generation of your family.

Trusts can be created during your lifetime or to be implemented following your death during the administration of your Estate. Sensible and informed forward planning will reduce the burden on your Beneficiaries in maintaining the integrity of your assets.

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